My art is about enjoyment. I want you to be drawn in by the subject and transported, so the details of daily life fade. I am drawn to contrasts of light and dark as well as color.

The goal is to breathe life into the subjects so others will see the beauty in them. Each painting is a step forward on my path of learning. As a native of Wyoming, the majority of my subjects come from the wildlife, nature and history around me.”

I was born and raised in Wyoming. I attended the University of Wyoming, where I studied Fine Art. I made my way to Jackson Wyoming in the 80’s. I now live in the mountains south of Jackson Wyoming, where I have a home in Star Valley.

Wyoming life is my subject of choice, oil is the medium. I spend my free time, fishing, hiking, hunting and horseback riding in the forests of Wyoming. The sights, fauna and flora are the inspirations for my paintings